1.Online Registration 2 Semester 2023 (Click)
Require students to register for classes Semester 2, academic year 2023 Between 12 December 2023 - 14 January 2024 by specifying the process of registering for classes through the online system. and payment of tuition fees (Read the full announcement from the topic link)
ANNOUNCED BY   The Registration office   ANNOUNCED DATE   8 December 2023
 2. Requesting for Transcript (transcript)
To ensure that the request for Transcript, and Letter of Assurance of Academic Qualifications will be carried out orderly, efficiently, accurately and within the specified time, the College, therefore, determined that students shall request for the said documents only after 30 days upon the College Councils approval of graduation.
ANNOUNCED BY   Registrar   ANNOUNCED DATE   25 March 2021
 3.Story Measuring yourself to cut the academic gown (click)
with Siam Technology College By the Registration and Processing Office Contacted and coordinated with the Krui Excellence shop. Tha Phrachan Branch Which is located at 10 Trok Mahathat, Maharat Road, Tha Phrachan, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok 10200 Telephone/Fax: 0-2221-4133 or 0-2623-5299 E-mail:
To provide services Rent/rent/cut/cut academic gowns for graduates and master's degree graduates. Academic year 2021 - 2022 For graduates who have not yet contacted the store on the date specified by the college. Please expedite the process of contacting and coordinating with Excellence Clothing Shop, Tha Phrachan Branch, 3 rd time, 14 January 2024.

with expenses related to academic gown. (According to the document attached above)
All graduates and master's graduates must contact the shop at the college to rent/cut/make academic gowns. only specified In order for the form of the academic gown to be correct according to the regulations of the college
You can contact to rent/rent/cut/cut the academic gown at the Excellence Clothing Shop on the date and time specified above
Or contact via LINE ID: excellencebysu
ANNOUNCED BY   -   ANNOUNCED DATE   5 January 2024
 4.Announcement on Fines for Late Payment of Tuition Fee and Delayed Examinations(Click)
? Announcement of Siam Technology College on Fines for Late Enrollment and Late Examination for the Undergraduate Level of 2020 ? Students are required to enroll within the specified period of time for each semester. ? Students are required to sit their final examinations within the specified period of time. In case of unavoidable necessity that prevent them to do so, he/she shall inform instructors/lecturers concerned immediately. Students who fail to do so will be fined for late examination. (Read the full announcement at the link)
ANNOUNCED BY   the Office of the Registrar   ANNOUNCED DATE   25 March 2021
 5.Registration Forms (Click Here)
You can download the form of the registry office here
ANNOUNCED BY   the Office of the Registrar   ANNOUNCED DATE   19 August 2020
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